Thursday, April 27


I was glad when I heard for you.
I never told you how much you make my heart smile...
How excited I get when I hear your ringtone on my phone.
I pause, I refresh, I get glad and I breathe.

I admire you for your silent strength.
I love you because you allow me to see, more than what others do.
I love the fact that we can both be who we are, without reservation...we just do
We are, we exist...the way life should be.

You've taught me so 395 days.
You've lifted weights that I forgot were there.
You've renewed faith,
You've restored hope,
Every time I think of you.
Glance at our picture.
Hear your voice.
Hear that ringer...

I get refreshed.
I am glad.
I breathe...and I always exhale.


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