Wednesday, June 14


I want to look into your eyes...and connect with you.
I want to dwell in the understanding of friendship.

We could hold hands. We could walk L.A.'s beach at dusk. Enjoy the breeze...
The magic hour.

Play fight in the sand...let the waves hit our feet, while we,
share our dreams.
our goals.
our passions.
our hurts.
out tragedies.
the triumphs.
our lives.

We could lay there and evaporate all the feelings of insecurity within the mist of the ocean waves.

It could be our moment.

We could take a trip up sunset.
hit a club. laugh, invite each other into our rhythmic patterns...
closely exploring our sensuality that exude and relay through our eyes, our touch...
the very essence of who we are.
Soaking up all the fun. Not caring who was watching...

Back at home...we rest.
A little Chante Moore in the back ground...Brandy's Full moon.

We laugh.
Exchange glares...
a soft sensual touch of the lips...
we kiss.


you respect my body.
every touch is gentle...

clothes on...making love through imagination.

We laugh...
laughing in a moment like this always messes things up.

I straddle you...
looking into your eyes...
you're laying there...gazing.

It was that moment again.
You grab my ass...I bite my bottom lip...thinking about how it would be...

I lean down.
Our bodies meet,
our lips match,

a gentle slip of our muscles....respond to each other.
we pulsate, that turns into a grind.

It leads to me kissing your neck...taking of your shirt. you taking off mine.
I feel you grow more, as you're grabbing my...

Tongue to the flicker of the nipple. A moan.

Tongue down to your navel, hands...busy, getting unbusy.
I find myself, on yourself, deep. Another moan,

You on top of me...some where in the mix, your tongue...there, in between, there...
My course.

Legs spread, on your face...moans, I felt like Prince...Screams of passion all I hear in my echoing like a volcano baby...

Whats next...I don't know....I woke up...but me knowing me and me knowing you. It can happen...and real soon


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