Wednesday, July 12


It's not like it use to be.
But I have to admit it's good having some of you back.
To be honest...I like it.

I always knew in my heart, then, it wasn't the right time...the right moment in time.
I was ready, but you were dealing with all of him, it was too much.

So like the patient person I am. Like the loving person I am. I waited and I never stopped loving you. I can truly say that there has not been a day that I haven't thought about you. Even when you hurt me, I always wished you well. Even if I said "Fuck that nigga..." I really wanted to be in the bed...holding you, you holding perfectly nestled against my

I miss you.
It been good seeing you...although were just friends,
and we're getting reacquainted, although we're well aware of our three year stint...

I can't help but think about holding you, kissing you, like I use to...
And although I want so bad just to hold your hand...and hug you and rest my head on your shoulder at the movies, and scratch your beard while you were laying your big ass lightbulb head in my lap...I can't.

Cause I'm too anxious.
Too anxious to touch...if I move to fast, if we move to fast...

It will end up where it ended on November 15, 2004. I don't want to feel that again.
This time lets get it right. You came back...that means you're here to stay...not only for one night...but the rest of our lives.


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