Monday, June 11

Just A Thought...

I think...
Sometimes way too fuckin much.

It's funny how, when your parents put their dreams on hold for whatever reason - they do the same thing to their children. I just think about how ridiculous my mother is. How she prides herself on "pushing" her children to be something...someone. How she is quick to point out someone elses flaws in their parenting abilities and always compares them to hers and says, "Now what if that was your mother?"

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and he almost damn near bragged about how "mommy" helped him pay for school and how broke she was...I had to explain to him that everyones mommy isn't like that. My mom is a cunt ass bitch, who'd rather loan a friend of hers 5,000$ instead of help her kid pay for school to better themselves. I love mothers like my friends and my aunt who sacrifice and not make selfish decisions. My mom has over 100,000 in the bank at any given time - and wont lift one finger to help. Not that I asked her to, but she offered and always tells me, "You're stupid - all of your friends have finished school except you. What the fuck is your problem." I like to remind her that their parents helped them pay for school and she didn't and I love the fact that she wants a piece of my royalty check.

I've always lived a comfortable life material wise, but lacked everything else. I've always had a nice house, nice clothes, nice cars - always had money to do whatever I felt like, but my mom think that's enough. And the fact that she provided nice things meant that's all she had to do, just because she didn't have it growing up. I had to accept the fact that she was emotionally and verbally abusive and I am still dealing with my issues of inadequacy because I was never able to please her. Of course I've stopped trying and I'm almost done saving to make one payment to my school so I can finish...just to prove a point, I don't need her.

But why is it that people want to point out your flaws and are so quick to ignore their own and further ignore responsibility in the part that they play in the problem.

I guess.
It is what is people...


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