Tuesday, February 21


They will try and break you. Down to the core.

I was inspired-pushed to realization who I am. The melodic chord that exuded through the speakers at I-Tunes random, read my heart, my mind. My pain at that moment.

As I reflected on the events past. The pain that disrupted my tranquil weekend with the valves, the makeup, the people, of my heart. The songs of anger, bitter jealously of common fags etched my head like alphabets to kindergarten.

Their jealous reactionary propositions forced me to be still like the mountains, peace like the valley. Thoughts of rage surfaced my brain while perplexed on what to do next.

I was nice.
I was pleasant.

And although I was burning at the core at their subtle hints of jade, I followed my own advice, held my head high and was proactive and reactive.

My ventilation set by a warm fireplace, nosh, familiar and new faces, I was taught a lesson. It was okay to be me...but know how to roll the dice on the board and find the veiled, waxen, bloke that lives inside of me.

A layer that has yet to be seen.

Thursday, February 16

Winter Time Jitter

I feel like its Spring.
Crisp Air,
The Wind is blowing,
The memories are sweet,
You are here with me.

I've waited for the day,
Oh so long.

Just to watch,
all over again

Your rhythmic ways of moving,
The timing of your wit,
The way you smile,
the subtle warmth, lust of your voice.

It's winter.
But I feel like it's spring.
Butterflies flying, dancing,
as if they're in my stomach...

Thinking of you...
In a moment it will be all done.

When I wrapped up in your warmth.
This Winter.