Sunday, August 6


There is a reason, time and place for every fuckin' thing.
I am so glad that my computer lost the second half of my book the first time.
I am up at 7:00...I've been up since 10 P.M. last night. Writing my heart away...

The shit that I am coming up with this time around...I am making myself laugh out loud...I need an award for the shit that I am coming up with.

My biggest to silence my hatin' ass mother.

Thursday, August 3

Was I?


I did mean to be. But I had to be real with ME, cause last time it was all about YOU and what you needed. Although I liked pleasing you at the end I was the one who came up short.

I don't want to be expecting something that ain't gonna happen, EVER, so I might as well continue being me.

Without interruption.
Without expectation.
Without sacrifice.
Without being chewed up, spitout, kicked to the curb and lookin' stupid.

Those days are over.
They gotta be...cause I hate investing this much time thinking about your silly ass.


You say you miss me.
But, I've allowed myself to stop expressing to you how I feel,

I've missed you for the last two years.
You never acknowledged my genuine feelings for you.

They were never validated.
So instead I had to pay the rate of heartache, rejection, unsettling attempts at winning you over.

When I should have just been rewarded with love, gratitude, acceptance and warmth and
paid the regular price that a person should have to pay...honesty, loyalty, responsibility.

You're confused. I accept that.
I was honest. You ran away.

The tables have turned and now, your crying about him to me...but what you failed to see it's the cycle that you put yourself in.

You are me and He is You.
When I loved you, you hated me.
You love him...

you see how it feels? I thought you learned your lesson...but you still like the burning sensation.